Some Links

Anti-fur protestors assemble outside of Ottowa’s Sporting Life. 

Indian children’s textbook pulled from schools for advocating suffocation of kittens as a science experiment.

A precipitous drop in drug companies’ use of animal testing is offset by increased use by academia.

According to the Medical Daily, 75 of the 98 Nobel Prizes awarded for physiology or medicine relied on animal research; the data was published in a story recounting the “long, unpretty history” of animal research.

“The idea that the work in animals hasn’t translated into humans is simply false,” Evans said. “Vaccines have saved more lives than any other medical advancement, other than clean water. Period. There’s no way around it.”

New biography of ALF founder Ronnie Lee hits shelves in April.

Author of forthcoming Ronnie Lee bio ^^^ on the 5 most anti-animal US senators.

HSUS threatens to reopen old lawsuit against USDA in 30 days if latter does not repost its Animal Welfare Act reports.

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