NCAA Tournament Advertises Abuse On Top of Abuse

Literally. As I was watching the UNC-Arkansas game last night, a second half in-show advertising break featured a horse, carriage of people in tow, struggling her way down the streets of Greenville, South Carolina.

South Carolina is no stranger to horse carriage-industry abuse. The Dodo reported on a grim “accident” in neighboring Charleston in 2015, when a horse named Blondie collapsed, bleeding, for two hours in 80 degree heat. For Blondie’s abuse, we have Old South Carriage Co. to thank. Wherever there is a horse carriage industry, horses suffer.


As if that charming Southern scene weren’t enough, the first ad laid over top of it was from Cancer in a Bucket: Kentucky Fried Chicken. KFC is hell on earth for birds. Chickens are the lowest of the low in the animal agriculture industry, so it should come as no surprise that the industry’s billion murdered birds per year are not just intensively confined, neglected and killed in horrific fashion — they are regularly beaten and tortured by sadistic slaughterhouse employees in the process.

Thanks for being such a great friend to animals, NCAA and TNT.

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